About Stinger Chemical Corporation

Who We Are

For over 20 years, Stinger has realized that customer needs and expectations are everchanging. Our goal is to provide products that satisfy these diverse product requirements

Stinger works closely with their distributor network in the development process to ensure that products will meet user expectations for performance, value and quality.

Stinger’s appearance and reconditioning products are formulated for outstanding results on today's intricate paint finishes and surfaces.

Our appearance product line consists of Waxes, Compounds, Polishes and Paint Sealant products. Dressings, Car Wash, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners, and specialty products formulated to make detailing faster and easier.

Stinger also offers the most technically advanced line of proven fuel, oil, radiator and hydraulic additives.

Our Facilities

Built in 1988, Stinger’s 66,000 square foot warehouse contains state-of-the-art equipment and processes. This technology insures order accuracy and quick response times. At Stinger, the average order turnaround time is less than 2 days

The Research and Development Lab is the birthplace of Stinger’s entire line of products. Stinger’s longstanding commitment to bringing exciting new products to the market comes from the lab, located in the Houston headquarters.

The R&D Lab does more than create industry leading chemical formulations. The R&D Lab is also home to Stinger’s Quality Analysis testing. All products are subject to rigorous testing and quality control to ensure that you receive the best possible products, manufactured to exact specifications.

Stinger is committed to being an innovator in the automotive detailing chemical industry, and our state of the art detailing and testing facility ensures that Stinger will continue to bring you new and exciting products.

What Stinger Offers Distributors

• Detailed training
• Corporate communications
• Easily accessible internal support staff
• Special promotions
• National advertising & trade show presence

Stinger offers extensive communications, including this corporate website with downloadable MSDS sheets, special bulletins and newsletters designed to keep distributors informed of changes in the industry, new products and promotions.

Stinger assists the distributor network with an internal sales staff trained to answer your questions. Stinger distributors enjoy technical support from the automotive group, a toll-free hotline to Stinger’s customer service department and help with special projects.

As a Stinger distributor, we will help you impress your customer base with the Stinger Truck Signage program, Stinger is committed to helping distributors present a professional image.

Stinger offers extra programs and promotional items designed to help our distributors succeed.

Stinger advertisements regularly appear in key industry publications, such as Auto Laundry News and Professional Carwashing & Detailing. Stinger also maintains a presence at trade shows such as the Car Care World Expo, NACE and NADA.

To learn more about becoming part of the Stinger distributor network, please contact Chris Barboza at 1 (888) STING IT (784-6448) ext. 212

Stinger Products are here to help you and your customers succeed!

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